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På Väg till Ljuset Pedagogic Training with Regina Scheer

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Originally published on Facebook

"Spiritistiska Studiegruppen På Väg Till Ljuset concluded this morning the development of the second staff training module for fraternal care.

Sensitized, we thank the companions for their participation, genuinely interested in the subject, for their dedication to the study, and whose deep dive into the subject broadened our vision to envision the need for a long and mature journey in this learning that, in the end, will qualify our home for a true and loving fraternal care, guided by the Gospel of Jesus and the Spirit codification.

We are also grateful for the effort, resourcefulness, and lovingness of the facilitator Regina Scheer, who knew how to lead the group to deep and mature reflections that will establish in students the solid bases for the growth of the structure of this building, since, although the work requires a construction that takes time to be properly fortified, the time spent will always be pleasant when shared in this climate of harmonie."

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